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Posted 7.3.2021 15:01 by qLiRuXeZz

ENVi ESPORTS, the fast-growing organization is expanding with its new academy roster. The new team will play legendary first-person shooter Counter-Strike under its new banner. The academy team is unsurprisingly very young and the oldest player is just 19 years of age.

The core of this roster is made of Leon „Riotzz“ Mohm from Germany, Adam „aop“ Opluštil z Czech Republic, Sybern „syLens“ Melens from Belgium a Joni „nessuG“ Nevala from Finland. In the role of In-game leader will be acting Alexandru „Alex“ Chertes from Romania. Lets see if he is as capable a leader as Alex from Cloud9.The coach for this team will be Ethan „ethaN“ Woodworth from Britany. 

Although the players of this roster are relatively young, almost all of them have experience with LAN events in their countries. The squad has already been practicing for more than 3 months and we are eager to see them in action. They will play in ESEA season and German 99demage season.

But I am sure that you are looking to hear more from the players of ENVi ESPORTS. That's why we prepared two short interviews with the captain of the roster, Alexandru „Alex“ Chertes, and with coach Ethan „ethaN“ Woodworth.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Academy 2021

  • Ethan “ethaN” Woodworth Flag Of Spojené Království
  • Alexandru “Alex” Chertes Flag Of Rumunsko
  • Sybren “SyLens” Melens Flag Of Belgie
  • Joni “nessuG” Nevala Flag Of Finsko
  • Adam “aop” Opuštil flag-cz
  • Leon “Riotzz” Mohm Flag Of Německo

Alexandru “Alex” Chertes 

Hello Alex, can you introduce yourself? Can you tell us something about your competitive history?

Hey, I’m an 18 year old guy from Romania with big aspirations. I’m currently in my sophomore  year in highschool, studying mathematics and computer science. When I have some free time I really love to go play football or basketball with my friends or go on mountain trails with our bikes. As for my experience, I’ve already played in about 4 seasons of ESEA, making it to intermediate or play-offs 3 times out of 4. My greatest achievements have come with my Romanian team, where we got into intermediate and also came to a lot of top3 finishes in different online leagues. 

How did you meet with the rest of the squad?

I met with Adam (a0p) a long time ago. We played in a lot of teams together and when our last team disbanded we decided to look together for a team. We found Sylens and it was an instant click in my opinion. Since then we’ve had some internal issues with one player who decided to leave, but after he left we found Leon (Riotz) and the team now is looking better than ever.

What are your plans for the upcoming months?

As for the upcoming months, I just want to build a pretty strong map pool consisting of 4 or 5 maps. These following months are always the hardest in my opinion, but after you have settled down the base and all the protocols, the job just becomes a thousand times easier. All of the boys have great mechanical skill but we just need to learn how to use it right now, after that I think we are going to be flying through the standings.

Do you have any last few words for our fans ?

I just want to thank them for supporting us and to know that we will try our hardest to make them proud, since that’s our job. It’s going to be a rough ride, with goods and bads, but the most important thing is to stick together and we will come through any obstacle we meet.


Ethan “ethaN” Woodworth

Ethan what can you tell us about yourself?

I’m ethaN and I'm currently a student and coach of the CSGO team. Im studying Sport Development and Coaching sciences so the role coincides with my study and means that whilst i’m at university im picking more and more skills to help me benefit the team in as many ways as possible. Outside of coaching I like to stream and make youtube videos, I have a fair amount of experience but more so playing with friends than competitively. I have also tried my hand at casting in the CSGO scene so i’ve pretty much done it all and experienced everything you can experience around Counter Strike.

As a coach you have a lot of responsibility, what was your main purpose?

Coming in as a coach I'm there to help the boys to improve, not only individually but as a collective, my key goal is to keep them working together well and get the best out of them all. When coming to practice I’m there to write down what they’ve done well or what we need to improve on and then the next practice we focus on those issues and try to conquer them. When coming to officials I will review the VODs and give each player their own tasks to work on so we can be the best team possible and represent ENVi to the highest level and standard that we possibly can.

You have already practiced with boys for some time, in what lies their strength and on what player should we keep our eyes on?

The boys have lots of strengths, if I were to say we were weak I would be lying. Their hunger is admirable, for a fairly new team and a young one at that they are determined to grind and push for the very top, all 5 of the boys are on CS pretty much all of the time working to improve and get to where we think we can be. Additionally on the server they have a calm-headed captain and leader in Alex who keeps the team well regimented, lets them know what they shall be doing next and frankly makes my job a lot easier as I can let him say his part and when they need it most chime in to help them all. In terms of looking out for an individual, they are all quality individuals but on any given day they can come up with a monster performance and thats what I love about the team we have 5 animals hungry to perform, but if I can only say one it has to be Adam (aOp) he has the tools individually to change a map, we’ve seen that in practice and we will continue to see how he improves as the team do collectively.