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Roster announcement, welcome our new Valorant team

Posted 11.4.2021 15:31 by qLiRuXeZz

There is no sign of stopping for ENVi ESPORTS as we announce our brand new Valorant roster. From now on, our organization will be represented by the hungry Czech team led by Jan "urb1" Urbánek as an in-game leader. He will be followed by Jiří "G0rg0" Drahoš and we certainly can’t forget three young guns Maxián "Bakubat" Přikryl, Adam "reel" Černý and Filip “Aztek” Voženílek who are 16 and 17 years of age respectively. 

Additionally, we have prepared a short interview with the captain of the team Jiří "urb1" Urbánek. In which, he shares a lot of interesting information about himself and the roster so that you guys can find out a little bit more. Enjoy.

Valorant team 2021

  • Jan “urb1” Urbánek flag-cz
  • Maxián “Bakubat” Přikryl flag-cz
  • Jiří “G0rg0” Drahoš flag-cz
  • Filip “Aztek” Voženílek flag-cz
  • Adam “reel” Černý flag-cz


Jan “urb1” Urbánek

What can you tell us about yourself?

Hello, my name is Jan "Urb1" Urbánek.I play FPS games from 13 years of age. Mainly CS 1.6 and CS: GO. And I have spent a lot of game time in those titles. To be exact 3000 hours in CS 1.6 and 4000 hours in Global Offensive. I also participated in a few tournaments and lan events.

How did you meet with the rest of the squad?

I built this team at the end of 2020. I met g0rg0 through Valorant and Lipec is a friend of mine for about six years now. We wanted to start playing more seriously because we were already spending a lot of time playing. So I approached Bakubad and reel, and they felt the same way. So we created this team, and we are glad that we can play under ENVi.

Valorant is still a relatively new game. When did you decide to start playing competitively?

Valorant is for sure one of the youngest games. I wanted to play competitively from beta, but you always have to find players with good chemistry. And that is often more difficult than one might tell. As I spent hours playing the game, I met these guys, and I would say that everything is working just fine, but let's not jinx it.

What are your goals for the year 2021?

We want to get to the top 5 CZ/SK. There is a lot of work ahead of us, but if we maintain our enthusiasm and keep working hard, then I think that it is possible.

In what leagues are planning to compete?

We are still waiting for a big CZ/SK league, and we are hoping that we will get one. Because I think there is a lot of talent in this scene.

Right now, we are grinding hard and playing loads of practice matches because we want to prove ourselves in Europe or the Czech scene. So we wait, but if we will get some kind of Czech league, our number one goal would be to qualify and achieve some good results. We shall see what happens in the future.

In what lies the strengths of the roster, and on what player should we keep our eye on?

I would say that our biggest strength lies in self-reflection and being honest with each other. That is something I take pride in, because if someone lacks self-reflection, then it doesn't lead anywhere. We have an awesome group. We are not usually super serious, and we joke a lot. Of course, when it is needed, we switch on our tryhard mode.

The player you should keep your eye on?  That is a difficult question, we play as a team, and I am not the biggest fan of individuals, but if I had to highlight some of our players, it would be reel and bakubat. They are the youngest guys in our roster, and they have their whole gaming career ahead of them, and it is on them how they will deal with it.